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Mr Fire

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The below screen shot is what the program looks like and does.  As long as you have internet connection ads are ruining, and you are making .60 cents a hour.  You can turn it off anytime you want, and are capable of doing anything on your computer while it is running.

The below is a screenshot of what it looks like before you login.

Please keep me referral id in when joining because they take the same percentage out whether you joined by your self or where referred.  Click here to join Unique

In Exchange for my time and effort I ask that you please join one or more of my affiliate programs, when I refer you to one of these sites,  both you and I earn how easy is that!   Please, I put a lot of work into this site and would really appreciate you doing this in return. -MrFire

UniqueSurf pays 70 cents a hour to run a program that displays one inch ads across your computer.  You will get paid as long as you have internet connection, and move your mouse once every two minutes.  Join both Cashfiesta  and UniqueSurf, because you can run both of their programs simultaneously to make twice the money. Their programs are available for immediate download and cash earning. Unlimited hour usage! Join/Info

Referral pay: 10%,7%,5%,2%,2%,1% Hourly Pay: 70  Rating: *****

Bepaid guarantees $20/$120a hour to watch full screen ads similar to TV commercials. They really pay what they say, but haven't had many ads yet.  I have only received a few ads ranging from 20 seconds to 45 secs, and have received two checks from them, because of all the referrals I have. They plan to have one and half to three hours a month in ads very soon. Join/Info

Referral pay: 13%,7%            Hourly pay: $20-$120   Rating: ****

CashFiesta is the same as UniqueSurf, but has a few differences. One difference is that CashFiesta  pays 60 cents a hour compared to 70.  They also can be watched for unlimited hours and have the coolest ad bar. Their bar shows both your referrals and earnings on it! Use at the same time as UniqueSurf to make double the money.  Join/Info

Referral pay: 20,10,5,5,5  Hourly Pay: 60             Rating: *****

Space-Ambush is a online video game played for real money!  You must dig for water to upgrade your  weapons, armor, and base fortifications.  With all of this you go attack other bases for real cash.  This is game is very addicting, and has unlimited earning potentials. It pays you 5% 2% of your referrals earnings, and a bonus gallon of water for every time your referral hits water. Join/Info

Referral pay: 5%,2%                 Hourly Pay: Unlimited   Rating: ***

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